Have a look at these links. They will introduce you to the passive voice and causative passive constructions with exercises and answer key.

THE PASSIVE VOICE-Theory and Practice -Upper Intermediate andAdvanced

Recommended exercises for those who still need more practise on passive:

Passive exercises worksheet-Intermediate

and its key: Passive exercises worksheet- Intermediate_KEY


Making questions

Here you can find all you need to know about questions. Types and differences and lots of … exercises.

Upper-Intermediate and Advanced question theory

Making questions exercises_Mixed types

Making questions exercises_Mixed types_KEY

How to pronounce the final -ed in regular past tenses

Here you can find an explanation with examples and some exercises

-ed pronunciation Exercises


Have a look at this table with the main modal auxiliary verbs and related expressions and functions.


and here you have an extensive explanation in Spanish

Teoría Modales y Modales Perfectos

and now try these quizzes:

Modal Quizz with answers

and this tests:

Test on Modals and Related Expressions

Modals and Related ExpressionsANSWERS

And here you have some links to modals on the net:

More exercises with answers:



Treasure Hunt on Halloween

Treasure Hunt on Halloween

There are many different Halloween traditions around the world. Go to: and look for information to answer these questions.


1. What do they call ‘All Souls Week’ in Austria?

 2. What do the ‘hungry ghosts’ in China want?

 3. In Japan, people remember their dead relatives in the O-Bon festival.

What does ‘O-Bon’ mean?

 4. In Scotland they don’t make jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins.

What vegetables do they use?

 5. In Nigeria, the Odo Festival marks the return of the dead (odo) to those

still living. How many stages does the Odo Festival have?

Other activities:


Read a horror story at:


Find a Halloween recipe at:


Conditional Clauses and I wish/If only


Conditional Clauses and Wishrules-conditionals

Try the following exercise on Conditional Clauses by clicking on the link

Mixed conditional exercise

KEY to Mixed conditional exercise

I’ve recently added theory and exercises on “I wish” (or “If only”). Click below

I Wish – Theory and exercises with key

Adjective Formation

Here you can find information on how to form adjectives from Nouns, verbs and other adjectives by adding an appropiate suffix. Pay special attention to those ending in -ed and -ing (coming from verb partiples).

Adjective endings

Bored vs boring. emotive adjectives