Aquí teneis otras direcciones interesantes donde podeis encontrar material extra. De todas formas para completar la explicación de algún tema de gramática concreto, o ejercicios, ya os indicaré dónde podeis hacerlo de manera directa.

MISCELANEA (Ejercicios con Hot Potatoes) (EOI) (Ask the English teacher)  Parts ot the Body




(Good pieces of listening to test students – Different matters)

GRAMMAR EXERCISES (Verb tenses)  (Verb Tenses) (Very good at upper-intermediate level) (Many exercises) ****


THEORY OF ENGLISH (A Complete Intermediate Grammar) (A quite complete online grammar with exercises)

INFINITIVE OR GERUNDS (Tutorial) (Exercises)




READING EXERCISES (Cuentos cortos) ( con audio)

WRITING EXERCISES (Conectores) English sentence patterns

PHONETICS (voiced and voiceless consonants) (You tube video)(Pronouncing the alphabet) (test)

FUNCIONES: TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS AND VOCABULARY *** (sample calls and vocabulary) ( “     “) (Very Good to Start with) (Testing the above web pages) (A French Web) (just a dialogue)  (Listening on line with a final test– American English )

EXERCISES THROUGH VIDEOS (basic grammar through video with exercises- videos) (basic grammar through video with exercises) (Video classes)




EnglishCLUB Teachers’ Room (ESL Resources) – Classroom activities, lesson plans and student handouts.
One Stop English– Lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, tutorials, forum, e-lesson warehouse, related websites, TEFL jobs, etc.***
Internet TESL Journal for Teachers of ESL – A monthly Web magazine of lesson plans and lesson ideas.
For Second Languge Teachers – A wide variety of ESL and foreign language lesson plans and activities.
English Zone – all kinds of learning and teaching material, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, etc. – A collection of K-12 lesson plans, geared to TESOL ESL standards, teaching tips, resource links, and discussions for teachers of ESL students.
English Maze – Online English Lessons – A unique website for students, teachers and schools learning English. The English Maze contains hundreds of dynamic Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing & Grammar activities. Plus Chat, E-pals, Discussion boards, lesson plans + many other free resources.
English Specialist – An international site for students and teachers of English as a foreign language with exercises, worksheets, useful links and resources, reading, fun, games, etc.
Language Guide – A collaborative project that aims to make available extensive free resources for learning languages.
English to Go – Instant lessons based on news stories from Reuter News Agency. One free new resource weekly. Some IELTS practise tasks.
English 4 U – ESL Lesson Plans – Free, ready-to-use ESL lesson plans for English language teachers based on current news stories and lyrics of popular songs.
Mossman Resources Online English Schools – English students will find a variety of high quality on-line English curriculum on this site. The English exercises are both fun and educational. The online lessons feature CD quality English dialogues.
Boggle’s World – Worksheets, jobs, flashcards, lesson plans, and activities for teaching ESL and EFL.
Hands-on English Current Events Activities – Current events activities appropriate for adults and high school students learning English as a second language. Teachers are given permission to print, copy and use the activities in their classrooms. Updated monthly.
Handouts for Classroom: TESL – Seventy-five handouts for ESL teachers to use in their classrooms.
Teaching Fish – ESL site with free games, activities, lesson plans and more.
Link2English – an online version of Mary Glasgow Magazines with photocopiable lesson plans, resources, magazine articles, teachers notes, games zone for students which includes real English audio and then questions to see if you understand.
Ernie’s ESL/EFL Activity Page – Games and other activities suitable for all levels of ESL/EFL classes. – Lesson plans and activities for ESL, French and Spanish classes.
Everything ESL – Content based ESL lesson plans for beginning through intermediate students Teaching tips: Access inservice ideas and strategies for both ESL and mainstream educators Resource picks: Recommendation on materials and resources for your classroom.
Lesson Plan for Newcomers – Suggestions for those brand new students who have just entered school and speak little or no English.
ESL/Bilingual/Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources
English Resources – teaching and revision resources
Free Resources for English Teaching – Secondary English teaching resources, lesson plans and schemes of work for teachers of English language and literature (Britain)
Inside Out – weekly lessons on topical themes
Reward English – monthly lessons on cultural topics including festivals and celebrations
ESL Lounge – ESL lesson plans, materials for teaching English
Linguistic Funland TESL Page – An excellent site for ESL teachers with a lot of links.
TESOL Online – TEFL course & TESOL certification with training offers online TEFL course and TEFL certification. Also provides TESOL course and TESOL certification with online training and job help.
English Second Language Resources – English language newspapers and magazines, learning spoken English on-line, how to pronounce the English alphabet, grammar, pen pals, English language idioms, quizzes, on-line English classes and much more.
Learn Free – When encountering second language learners, it is important to remember that all people are not the same – that there are real differences between cultures. Recognise these differences and help your EAL learner to adjust to his new culture. – education resources on the Internet
Developing Teachers – A web site for the developing language teacher: teaching themes, activities, lessons, links, jobs and net links; teacher training by e-mail.
Internet Relay Chat – A guide for teachers on how to use IRC and talk in real time to others around the world
Find a Tutor – A place for students and tutors to meet online. The project is non-profit and free to all students, tutors, teachers, educators, tutoring agencies and any other online visitors.
Sites for Teachers – Educational web sites, lesson plans, free worksheets, e-books.
To Learn English – Free materials to learn or teach English for ESL/EFL learners and teachers (grammar, exercises, courses, interactive pages).
English Online – A New Zealand site for English teachers with fully resourced teaching units, links to sites, an internet tutorial, projects for students and a discussion forum.
English Language & Culture – Resources for English learners
ICAL – the smart way to learn – teaching English as a foreign language
Teaching.Com – free, non-commercial educational web services for educators and students
Teaching Treasures – online activities, projects, free worksheets, teacher resources and ideas
TOEFL OnLine – Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); registration information, contact persons, frequently asked questions, and preparation materials and practice questions.
Teachers’ Resources – Lesson plans and exercises, EFL / ESL teacher training and jobs
The Internet TESL Journal – Articles, resources, lesson plans, etc.
ESLoop – Worldwide resources
English Banana – free ESL worksheets
Parapal Online – a wide variety of interactive English grammar, listening and reading exercises.
English behind the Scenes – ready-made exercises based on the latest films, together with teacher’s notes and table of contents.
Resources in Language Testing – Links to everything you always wanted to know about language testing.
Handouts Online – Printable handouts and other resources for ESL / TEFL teachers
Self Access – a site designed specifically for English language students with more than 350 lessons available. A free trial is possible.
Bilingual Education and ESL Resources – Washington State University
CALL@ Chorus – Detailed software reviews and books for language students and teachers
I Love Languages – Teaching Resources – English and Spanish teaching resources
Watch Education – Education resources list for colleges, online learning, online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects, etc.
English Raven – educational resources and materials for teachers of ESL/EFL to young learners.
ICT4LT – Information and communications technology for language teachers. A total of 16 training modules have been completed and are being continually updated.
Real English – free English language teaching videos online.
Your English Online– an award winning English language teaching website with quizzes and grammar activities on weekly basis. The site aims to improve your everyday, business, workplace, and exam English.






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