Treasure Hunt on Halloween

Treasure Hunt on Halloween

There are many different Halloween traditions around the world. Go to: and look for information to answer these questions.


1. What do they call ‘All Souls Week’ in Austria?

 2. What do the ‘hungry ghosts’ in China want?

 3. In Japan, people remember their dead relatives in the O-Bon festival.

What does ‘O-Bon’ mean?

 4. In Scotland they don’t make jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins.

What vegetables do they use?

 5. In Nigeria, the Odo Festival marks the return of the dead (odo) to those

still living. How many stages does the Odo Festival have?

Other activities:


Read a horror story at:


Find a Halloween recipe at:



A Suggestion

If you ever ask me what kind of project I really like trying I’d say: Read the following and let me know your opinion about it. How-to-Produce-a-play

Anyway I know you have lots of things to do and not so much time to do them all. We’ll have to choose. A good idea is making a list and tick the ones completed. Remember the third term is really short and I’ll ask you to give your 100% if you want a really nice score…

And as I know most of you will have finished doing your exercises. Here is something related to the above link that I’m sure you will enjoy doing.